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Student Campus Security Guard

Student-Campus-Security-Guard-interior-residenceStudent-Campus-Security-Guard-deterrenceCondor Security is recruiting for professional Student Campus Security Guard positions at high end luxury student residences.  They provide excellent customer service, perform access control, and patrol the property to both proactively prevent issues and respond to any concern or incident.  They assist with orienting and directing new residents, helping them find their way through the residence and answer any question on security and campus life safety.  Security personnel at student residences perform various administrative tasks to assist the Property Management.
A Student Campus Security Guard’s day to day routine can be quite dynamic.  There are often various incidents that arise, and security team members will need to respond in a coordinated manner with other team members to come to a professional and appropriate resolution to the incident.  Effective and tactical communication skills are a must, and Condor offers a number of training opportunities to improve this skill, such as the respected and well known Verbal Judo system developed by Dr. George Thompson.

Student-Campus-Security-Guard-patrol-basementSecurity personnel as Student Residences must keep a close watch over activities on the property, and rely on the many cameras throughout the property.  Monitoring access points and detecting intruders and unauthorized activity is a daily occurrence.  Security will often investigate incidents, putting together reports coordinated with video evidence.  Police officers may attend the property and require evidence to proceed with a higher level investigation, and security’s efforts may be the difference in apprehending a criminal.

  • Patrols and creating security presence and deterrence is a must.
  • Unpredictability and maximum effect are of prime importance.
  • Security guards will walk the property, vigilant for anything out of place, recognizing any suspicious activities and responding accordingly.
  • Once Security Guards become familiar with the most critical areas, these areas are patrolled more often to deter criminal activity.
  • Security can see what’s happening 24/7, and will use that opportunity to immediately act if there is any criminal activity or breach of building policy.

Working as a Security Guard on a student residence requires a blend between professional high end customer service and solid traditional security best practices.