A Guide to Condor Security Training Programs

What is Condor Security?

Condor Security is a private security company that deals with hiring, training, and supporting security guards and condominium concierge personnel. Our security teams are responsible for the protection and supervision of multiple commercial, residential, institutional, and other types of properties and communities. Not only do we offer the services of trained guards, but we also offer security audits, custom security system development, and the installation of security monitors and other products.

Our trained guards are able to progress through a planned development regime designed to ensure each guard can provide exceptional security services and provide a structure for clear professional development. Here is a breakdown of the standard training program we offer for all Condor’s Staff:

1) Level 1 Security Training

Level 1 Security Training with Condor provides basic training based on what we, as security employers, look for when hiring. This ensures that you will receive effective, practical training that will translate to on-the-job preparedness. Our Level 1 training requires that you have successfully passed a resume screening and interview process, and hold a valid Ontario Security License and have completed the 40-hour security license program. Qualified candidates will learn basic security skills including effective communication with clients and residents and basic emergency response approaches. You will also gain an understanding of patrols and access control to help you manage security systems already in place in residential and commercial properties. From fire response, bomb threats, and medical emergencies to spotting suspicious individuals and vehicles, you will gain a basic understanding of the fundamental skills of private security. Candidates must receive a score of 70% or higher on the written test for each level of training to be considered for employment with Condor

2) First-Aid & CPR

Beyond the basic emergency response skills learned in Level 1, we also offer streamlined First-Aid and CPR training programs that will ensure you are capable of handling emergency situations with tact. Our course teaches a practical approach to first-aid and CPR, and you will receive a certificate of achievement certified by Toronto EMS Safe City. After completing this course, you will be able to confidently administer CPR and basic first-aid while at home or in the workplace. From breathing emergencies and choking to bone breaks and emergency scene management, this course will ensure you are prepared for real-world emergencies. This course is open to current staff and their family members & friends who are taking the initiative to get themselves trained and qualified for increased responsibility. This standard first-aid course also serves as a prerequisite for our Level 2 security training program.

3) Level 2 Security Training

Our Level 2 security training program is only available for Condor’s Staff who have completed Level 1 and First-Aid and CPR training. This course covers a variety of advanced skills for security staff, including emergency response, physical security and self-defence, threat and risk assessment, and local laws surrounding private security in Ontario. This intermediate training course is designed for qualified staff who have at least three months of work experience and a record of good performance. This course is ideal for those who want to progress within Condor and gain transferable skills and knowledge of the security and law enforcement fields. Upon completion of Level 2 training, you will be certified as a Condor Level 2 Guard.

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4) Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo refers to a system of communication strategies and techniques designed for police officers and other law enforcement personnel to de-escalate volatile situations and conflicts. Through the use of empathy and other communication tactics, our Verbal Judo course will teach you how to effectively communicate with potentially dangerous individuals in order to see a peaceful resolution to any conflict. Positive communication skills are at the forefront of this program, helping you to develop an understanding of how to control conflict situations and use a tactical approach to disarming potential threats. This course has become a staple for police officers in Canada, proving its success in training officers to de-escalate dangerous situations. From dealing with hostile individuals to simply greeting people who enter the property, Verbal Judo uses field-based drills and exams to give you a wealth of practical skills that will improve how you communicate with clients, residents, and potential threats. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of achievement for Verbal Judo.

5) Level 3 Security Training

Level 3 security training builds on the foundation of knowledge you have developed in the previous courses, and it is only available for those who have completed both Level 2 and our Verbal Judo courses. Level 3 is much more physically and mentally strenuous, as it focuses on the practical application of unarmed defence tactics, handcuffing, conducting arrests, and use-of-force laws in Ontario. From self-defence drills to physical exercises designed to program self-defence tactics into your muscle memory, you will learn how to effectively defend yourself and others from harm. To take this course, you must complete the prerequisites as well as a skill test, interview with management, and standardized physical evaluation.

6) Tactical Awareness & Use of Force

We also offer three additional specialized courses for those looking to hone their skills. The first course involves ASP Use of Force training, which will help you build on your self-defence skills to protect yourself against hostile individuals. This course focuses on the fundamentals of Use of Force theory, while also expanding on your physical training to include how to defend yourself with a baton. Instructors guide you through a series of custom drills and exercises to ensure you remain in shape and prepared for physical altercations, if necessary. Our second specialized course – Tactical Awareness – teaches you to be aware of your surroundings and details how to conduct yourself in the event of a threatening situation. Tactical awareness training will help you notice threat cues and other signs of aggression from potential threats, allowing you to be better prepared for any hostile situation.

7) FireSafe

Our FireSafe training program provides participants with the knowledge necessary to respond to and prevent fire emergencies. This course is suited for Property Managers, Law Enforcement Officers, and Supervisors. Active Fire Fighter Instructors guide you through the basics of fire prevention and protection, the Ontario Fire Code, and how to be a valuable asset in keeping people safe. Participants receive practical hands-on training and experience real-life scenarios, including fire drills under the supervision of a Fire Captain.

These courses are only available for Condor staff who have proven themselves to be effective, responsible security guards.

For more information about our security services or to get a quote for a security audit of your property, call one of our trained security professionals at our 24-hour hotline at 416-410-4035 or explore our website.


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