December 13, 2013 By Condor’s Team

Condor Security is proud to present its newest course on the role of private security personnel in first response to fire related emergencies.

Condor Security will utilize the experience of Mike Cadote, Master Training Facilitator with the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office and active Fire Captain.  As head instructor of the FireSafe course, Mr. Cadote will bring his passion for fire safety and light, humourous personality to make the course an unforgettable experience.

FireSafe is a unique training experience which will take participants on a journey through topics such as:

  • the expectations of security staff by fire services
  • fire services operations
  • how to extinguish a live fire (participants will have the opportunity to put out a fire)
  • building logistics related to emergency response
  • mechanical systems and functions
  • performing practice fire drills under the supervision of active fire fighters

For more information, see the information below and send any questions to [email protected]

firesafe memo

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