Top 10 Reasons to Have Security at Your Event

Top 10 Reasons to Have Security at Your Event

Security guards in a music event

If you are planning on arranging a big event, then you will need to be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Unfortunately, potentially serious issues may arise and it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when people’s lives are involved.

Provide Comfort

Evidently, the event should be designed to be a comfortable venue for your guests, as well as a location that will provide your guests with hours of enjoyment.

You Can Never Be Too Careful

Unfortunately, many event planners focus more on the fun aspect of the event than the safety element. Recent mass shootings have shown that one can never be too careful when planning an event. In other words, event safety should supersede fun and games without compromise.

A Top Priority

Due to the aforementioned issues, hiring security should be on the top of your priority list. Here, you will learn about 10 benefits that you can reap by having security at your event.

Prevent Party Crashers

First, when you invite people to your event you want to ensure that uninvited guests do not arrive to crash the party. Unfortunately, keeping track of the guest list can be a daunting task, especially when many guests are involved. Fortunately, having security will ensure that your guest list will be meticulously monitored.

Hassle Free Removals

What’s more, in the unfortunate event that uninvited guests do arrive at your event, your trained security personnel will escort your uninvited intruders off the premises so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Crowd Control

Another benefit of having security is that, in the event that a disaster was to arise, you won’t have to worry about crowd control. Security guards are well trained in maintaining crowd control in order to prevent chaos. The last thing you want is frightened guests running around causing confusion and bedlam. Your security personnel know where all the exits are and will promptly evacuate your guests.

A Possible Venue Requirement

Moreover, certain venues may actually require that security be on hand. For instance, if alcoholic beverages are being dispensed, then guards will be required by law to be on the premises so that they can handle any fights or other such issues that may arise from patron intoxication.

Outdoor Escorting

Furthermore, if your event is being held late at night, then some of your guests may not feel comfortable walking to their cars alone. As such, your hired security can escort your guests to their cars, so that lurking thieves will be unlikely to try and rob them.

Making Guests Feel Safe

Security guards, as the name implies, are hired to make people feel secure. Even if nothing bad takes place at your event, simply having guards on location will set your guests’ minds at ease, so they can enjoy the event without fear.

Pre-Entry Screenings

Evidently, your security guards will check your guests’ bags at the door to ensure that no one brings guns, knives, or other such items to your event. As an added bonus, having security guards at your event will make your guests feel appreciated. This may help you procure more clients at the event, as a happy client is a loyal one.

Well Prepared Personnel

It goes without saying that when something goes wrong, you want people on the scene that know what to do in a coordinated and quick manner, and security is no exception. In the event that a fire breaks out or an emergency situation arises, your security guards will know what to do to de-escalate the situation.

Minimize Casualties and Chaos

In other words, the guards are trained for extreme situations and will use their extensive training to minimize casualties and reduce commotion. Moreover, once the culprits have been apprehended, the guards will collect all pertinent information and disclose their intel to the local authorities for further investigation.

A Marked Deterrent

Having security on site also means that any would-be criminals will likely be deterred from making a move. That is, simply having guards circulate the premises will drastically reduce the likelihood of a crime taking place.

Divide and Conquer

For instance, you can have half of the guards you’ve hired oversee the parking lot to ensure that your guests’ vehicles are safe, while the other half will look over your guests to ensure that your event takes place without incident.

Ensure the Front Is Secure

As can be seen, there are several reasons to have security at your event, regardless of who is at the event, or the number of guests. It is important to remember to have guards at the entrance of your event as many criminals target the front of an entrance.

Interior and Exterior Surveillance

Having interior and exterior security is also highly recommended, as some criminals or uninvited guests will try to blend into a densely populated crowd to make their move. As such, spread out your security personnel so that they have the best vantage point in the event that something terrible goes down.

Stress-Free Entertainment

In sum, having security at your event can literally be the difference between life and death. Costs and other such issues should not be a priority when both the enjoyment and safety of your guests is involved, and hiring the best personnel for the job will ensure that the ceremonies take place without a hitch.

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Benefits of 24-Hour Concierge Services

Concierge Services provided in a hotel

Some condominiums provide services that go above and beyond the standard fare, such as 24-hour concierge services. These services can make a great impression on visitors, who often share their positive experiences with friends and family. But more importantly, concierge services can provide a number of valuable benefits to condominium residents. Not only can they help residents feel secure and comfortable in their own homes, but they can also help plan important events, offer assistance in times of emergency, and even complete personal chores and errands for residents.

Personal Assistance Services

A professional concierge will provide the services that a personal assistant would provide for their boss. This can take away the stress that residents feel when planning personal events, as their concierge can help serve as their event planner. It can also provide the perfect level of cover needed to surprise a loved one when planning an unexpected surprise. Whether it’s booking a reservation for an important dinner, or planning a trip to the spa, residents can trust a 24-hour concierge service with help when planning something special.

Excellent Knowledge of Local Spots

For residents who have recently moved to a new area, getting to know local shops and restaurants can prove quite challenging. But in condominiums with 24-hour concierge services, residents can get the help they need, and the answers to their questions, right away. For new residents, this can make the move to a new area that much easier. But even for seasoned locals, the pleasant surprise of finding a great new restaurant nearby can really make their day.

Package Holdings

Over 75% of Canadians have ordered a package online in the past year, and that number is only expected to rise moving forward. But there’s nothing worse that ordering a package and not being able to accept it at the door, having to wait even longer for something you’ve already paid for. A 24-hour concierge service can hold on to parcels for residents until they’re ready to pick them up, providing essential peace of mind for a huge number of condominium residents.

Security Assurance via Phone and Email

Especially for those living in busy urban areas, it can be intimidating to see and hear people you don’t recognize within your own building. Luckily, a 24/7 concierge service is just a call away, so residents can call to report security concerns, or hear a reassuring voice to know that everything in the building is safe and secure. Additionally, residents away travelling no longer have to worry about anything happening to their home while they’re gone. They can simply send an email or make a call at their leisure, and ensure right away that their home is safe and secure. Lastly, if you find that you sometimes forget if you locked your door on the way out, your concierge is there to put your mind at ease.

Transportation Arrangements

If you’ve got a flight to catch, an event to attend, or an important place to be, sometimes transportation can be the last thing on your mind. Or, if you’re having people over for a large gathering, it can be nice to have transportation readily available in advance. This is where your concierge is there to help make your life easier. A 24-hour concierge service will ensure that the ride you need is ready to go when you are, ensuring that the trip to an important destination is anything but stressful.

Dry Cleaning Pickup

Dry cleaning is a task that many residents would like to be able to avoid, if possible. With 24-hour concierge services, you no longer have to worry about clearing your schedule to do your own dry cleaning. Simply drop off your clothing at the front desk, and your concierge is able to send them to the cleaners, and hand-deliver them to your door when they’re ready.

Available 24/7 for Inquiries

Since a 24/7 concierge service is available any time of the day, residents can feel comfortable calling them for emergency issues, instead of being left to fend for themselves. If a resident is locked out of their apartment or experiences a plumbing or electricity issue, they can rest assured knowing that help is available right away. Having your concierge available to talk and help can make a world of difference during difficult, unplanned accidents, and friendly service will ensure that the most stressful issues resolve themselves as soon as possible.

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4 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Security Services

commercial security service in a mall

What is Commercial Security?

Commercial security services offer more comprehensive protection compared to residential services, as they often are required to cover larger spaces. For small and large businesses alike, commercial security services range from video surveillance to onsite security guards. Commercial properties are unique in that they often house a large number of people – customers, employees, and more – making them vulnerable to suspicious individuals. Both automated technology and onsite security personnel help to protect your business or commercial property from damage.

Keep reading for four reasons why you need commercial security services for your business.

1. Alarm systems alert security professionals and authorities of emergency situations

Commercial properties can be outfitted with a wide variety of alarm systems depending on the unique needs of the property. For small retail locations, alarms on the doors and windows can help prevent and protect against intruders who try to break into your establishment. These alarm systems can be connected to smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, so the alarm will sound if there is an emergency situation, alerting the authorities immediately. At Condor Security, we offer monitoring services, so one of our representatives will be able to contact you as soon as an alarm sounds.

2. Onsite security guards protect against intruders

To prevent intruders from breaking into your commercial property, onsite security guards offer additional protection. The mere presence of security guards on a property has been known to reduce the likelihood of it being targeted by vandals or other criminals. Onsite security guards can include a single guard or can be as complex as a unit of mobile patrols. Depending on the size of your property and the unique needs of the building, mobile units may be necessary to adequately protect and guard the entire area. The benefit to having onsite security guards is that they will be able to address any emergency situation immediately. Whether it is a hostile individual, a suspicious individual trying to enter the premises, or a medical emergency, our trained security guards are the first responders to many emergencies. They are fully-trained and equipped to deal with any emergency until the appropriate responders arrive.

3. 24/7 Video surveillance records video monitoring as evidence

Not only does 24/7 video surveillance offer constant monitoring of high-risk of your property, but it can also be used as valuable evidence if an unfortunate incident occurs. Our security professionals are trained to install video cameras in the most vulnerable areas of your property. This offers them a comprehensive view of your property and your building.

At Condor Security, we offer 24/7 video surveillance services, so a security professional can be monitoring and protecting your building at all times. All of this video content is recorded and stored in multiple hard-copy and digital formats, allowing you easy access to recordings. In cases of vandalism, theft, or violent crime, having a video recording of the incident can be invaluable evidence in a police investigation or insurance claim, so it is a crucial aspect of commercial security.

4. Customized security services are designed to fit the unique needs of your business

Whether your commercial property needs video surveillance, onsite security guards, alarms, or fast response times by security or emergency responders, we will work with you to design the perfect security system for your property. We offer comprehensive security services that can be customized to fit the unique needs of your small business or commercial property. While some properties may focus more on preventative security such as video cameras, floodlights, security guards, and alarms, other commercial properties may need outdoor mobile security units and constant, 24/7 video monitoring. Our security representatives are available 24/7, offering you instant access to trained professionals who can help direct you in the case of an emergency situation. Not only will they alert the proper authorities or emergency responders, but they will work with you to help ensure your property is safe and your employees or customers are protected.

For anyone with a commercial property or small business, having a comprehensive security system can be just as important as having insurance. From responding to fires and medical emergencies to preventing criminals and suspicious individuals from damaging your property, our security services will help protect your employees, your customers, and your investment.

Why Condor Security?

At Condor Security, we offer fast, reliable, and efficient security services for commercial properties. As the security industry gets more complicated with cutting-edge security technology, we utilize the most efficient and reliable technology to prevent any damage to your property. Our team of trained security professionals will help you find the perfect security system for the unique needs of your property. We will install and show you how to use any video monitoring technology you need for your property, and our 24/7 representatives are always available to help in case of an emergency. We offer comprehensive security services for those in Toronto and the GTA.

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